Art is an interest I decided to explore by taking a few art workshops after high school. I not only enjoyed the experience but was surprised at the quality of work produced. In recognition I have the potential to grow, I knew then that making art is an experience I want to continue academically. As many schools require an art portfolio submission to get into their programs, a word of advice is what fueled my drive to build a portfolio. I had asked a workshop teacher, “What are schools looking for in photography specifically?” The teacher’s response, “They want to see, what you see.” So, when I make art, I’m simply showing others what I see. I applied and was accepted to York University’s fine arts program. Open to taking studio art courses in any medium throughout the 4-year program, painting, photography, sculpture and ceramics were what I explored artistically. Now graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree I’m exploring various paths to my dream opportunities as both an artist and designer. Abstract painting is one path I am continuing this moment but my instincts are saying to push towards being a home décor designer. Shopping at home décor stores are one of the reasons for this potential career interest. I believe decorating your home with art maintains a sense of clam and serenity which would better enable you to hear your thoughts. I aim for my art to do just that. I’m currently applying for a Masters program in object design in pursuing this dream career. I will always be open to whatever opportunities come along the way.  

Quietness, Silence.
You can hear your thoughts.
You can hear what it is what’s so important.
I am alone, but never lonely.
Just be silent, and listen.
— Robin Roberts | Oprah's Masterclass